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President Message



Noor Educational Trust(R) & Noor Group Of Institutions.

"Success is a continuous journey & there is no shortcut to achieve this, continuous hard work, improvement & dedication makes us successfull."

It is with greate enthusiasm I communicate with you as the chairman, Noor Education Trust(R) located in the heart of Banglore city

Noor Education Trust(R) acentre of the dedicated to, and nurtured for imparting excellent education to embark on a journey of success & i assure you that the institution under Noor educational Trust will provide you an apt platform to fly with high motivation. Our Institution are committed to develop outstanding professionals & skilled personalities and i am proud to say that once our students step into Noor Educational Trust, They step our as developed personalities with strong character, having expertise in science & advance technologies.

"Success is a Journey not a destination" Gearing up for the future, we have highly experianced faculty, Stimulated learning atmosphere conductive for overall development of our student. Our institutions are the product of vision, of a dream of excellence in affordable education & are given only the best of infrastructure. Noor Educatino Trust is one of the most integrated multi discipinary institutions providing a wide & varied arena for the staff and student communities to hone there academic & extra curricula talents The students are encouraged to build character through sports & other physical and spiritual activities and also given ample opportunities to exhibit their talents

Noor Educational Trust(R) established in 2001 with phylosophy to developexcellent personalities through not only the class room teaching and learning but also equally important to curricular activities. Dear parents and students with your support we have been able to become the centre of excellencebasking on this glory we now step into 14th year more confident, better staffed, organized and strongly rooted, I am confident that our high values adding initiatives will helps to create tomorrow's skilled practitioners as value is all about up skilling individual & contributing to the path of success.

"Where there is a will there is a way" the individual with a strong will, will succeed. It is success to make ofus the hero warriors we inspire to become.May we fight successfully the greate battle of the future, that has to be won against the past that seeks to endure, so that new things may manifest & we be ready to receive them, that way my passion is to offer high class facility to the students. To us student is an asset, our future ambassador. With greate deal of pride & satisfaction i welcome the future generation to our institution.